Posts for June, 2013

Children's day, and no alcohol (Ulanbaatar, Mongolia)

Journal entry for Saturday 1st Jun, 2013 (day 59, miles 5,113)

Today was celebrated as Children's day in Mongolia. Families were out celebrating and taking their children to playgounds and other attractions. At the Oasis for the first part of the day the manageress Sybil took on the role of chief cook and bottle washer so that the staff coud spend the morning with their families and children. to read the full post

Camping Russia

Posted Saturday 1st Jun, 2013

Our route in Russia mostly followed major roads, and we were there at a time of year (early spring) when the ground generally had not entirely dried out. Hence we did not do much "wild camping" (though see below for a delightful spot), but rather generally stayed close to the road often in signposted Parking places or signposted picnic spots. We were warned by Russians that parts of the route we traveled had experienced incidents of violence against tourists (even murder) and that we should where ever possible stay at Cafes (Кафе) used by truckies. We often ignored this warning. But, in the stretch of road between Ulaan Ude and Irkutsk we were twice warned by police that the place we had chosen for the night was not safe and that we should move to a nearby truckies Cafe. to read the full post

Lunch with Lisa and Sarah (Ulanbaatar, Mongolia)

Journal entry for Sunday 2nd Jun, 2013 (day 60, miles 5,113)

We had lunch today with two Australian ladies. Sarah, (with whom we were put in contact with by mutual friends in Australia), oversees an English language training program for Mongolian nationals in preparartion for a period of post graduate study at an Australian University. Lisa is a teacher who was recruited by Sarah and had just arrived in Ulanbaatar to spend 4 months teaching in the program that Sarah oversees. to read the full post

At the Oasis (Ulanbaatar, Mongolia)

Journal entry for Monday 3rd Jun, 2013 (day 61, miles 5,113)

We spent the day at the Oasis preparing paper work for our future visa needs, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran. And in addition watched a couple of the European bikers pack their bikes into crates for shipping. It was interesting that the shipping process must be relatively common as the guesthouse had a stack of panels stored away from which the shipping crates were quickly assembled. to read the full post

Mike (from GXV) arrives, and we have an argument with a bus (Ulanbaatar, Mongolia)

Journal entry for Tuesday 4th Jun, 2013 (day 62, miles 5,113)

This morning we learned by email that Mike from GXV had arrived in UB during the night and that once he had caught up on some sleep, and checked out the mechanical facility he had organized, he would come visit us. The purpose of Mike's visit was to add some stronger components to the camper mounts that we had replaced near Yakutsk. to read the full post

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