Posts for September, 2013

Finding the border (Buston, Tajikistan)

Journal entry for Sunday 1st Sep, 2013 (day 151, miles 11,151)

Our mission today was to find "the" border crossing into Uzebekistan. Even when we were back in Gig Harbor planning this trip with all the resources of google available to us we had trouble understanding the convoluted border line between Uzbekistan and its neighbours and now that we are "on-site" it is no clearer; infact maybe even less so as the 4 maps we have of this region (3 paper and 1 electronic) show quite different road networks across the border between Tajikistan and Uzebekistan. So todays mission was to sort this out and by the end of the day know our way to a border crossing. to read the full post

The Uzbek border crossing (Buka, Uzbekistan)

Journal entry for Monday 2nd Sep, 2013 (day 152, miles 11,198)

Crossing the border from Tajikistan into Uzbekistan was a long drawn out affair, so dear reader please bare with me it is going to take a while to tell this story. to read the full post

Camping Uzbekistan

Posted Monday 2nd Sep, 2013

When is came to Uzbekistan camping places were a whole new deal. to read the full post

Escape the heat (Zarmin dam, Uzbekistan)

Journal entry for Tuesday 3rd Sep, 2013 (day 153, miles 11,300)

This morning when we woke all our hosts of last night had departed and the place was silent, cool, and deserted. We took advantage of the morning peace and cool to prepare for the day with the usual myriad of chores. to read the full post

Finding our hotel (Samarkand, Uzbekistan)

Journal entry for Wednesday 4th Sep, 2013 (day 154, miles 11,400)

Todays task or challenge was to find our hotel in Samarkand and organize to park the truck there. But of course the first step was to get out of our river valley, back to Zomin and from there find the main road to Samarkand. Now we seemed to have accomplished this and were following a rural road (which had passed through a number of desert villages and their conjested markets) and were just about to rejoin a main road when we came upon a narrow low railway underpass - no more than 10 feet high. While I was sitting there contemplating a 60 km retracement and detour Nina noticed that a local farmer was pointing us down a dusty goat track. With no really good options she convinced me to follow this advice and after about 5 miles of the dustiest trail we have yet traveled we eventually found ourselves on the main Tashkent-Samarkand road. to read the full post

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