Posts for December, 2014

Erotic stone (Khajuraho, India)

Journal entry for Monday 1st Dec, 2014 (day 504, miles 10514)

This morning was another plane ride to the village of Khajuraho and while it was only a short hop it took up much of the morning delivering us to our hotel around 2:00pm. Then after a short break to get "organized" we were off for a visit to a local historical sites famous for its erotic carvings. to read the full post

A country school (Agra, India)

Journal entry for Tuesday 2nd Dec, 2014 (day 505, miles 10514)

We had a longish mini-bus drive today to a town called Orchha, where lunch was provided at a local "resort" and there after a tour of a local 16th Century palace. Following the palace tour the bus ride continued to the city of Jhansi where we took a train to Agra. to read the full post

The Taj (Agra, India)

Journal entry for Wednesday 3rd Dec, 2014 (day 506, miles 10514)

Today was the big day, the (supposed) highlight of the tour, our visit to the Taj Mahal. It did not disappoint. It is an astounding work of art. In the flesh it is more impressive than all the photos but what surprised Nina and I was the details and small scale decoration. The Taj building is made from a special Indian marble and all the decorations are formed from colored stone ad semi-precious stones inset into the marble. In some of the decorations the insets are really small, of the order of 1 or 2 millimeters. to read the full post

Pregnant Elephant (Jaipur, India)

Journal entry for Thursday 4th Dec, 2014 (day 507, miles 10514)

We were off on another road trip this morning to an ancient Mughal capital called Fatehpur Sikri to tour its deserted city. Another amazing complex of ornate sandstone constructions, pools ad gardens. to read the full post

A little drama (Jaipur, India)

Journal entry for Friday 5th Dec, 2014 (day 508, miles 10514)

We did not know it at the start of the day but there was going to be a bit of drama before today was over, but that is the end of this story not the beginning. to read the full post