The purpose of this post is to announce a major revision of the Whiteacorn website.

Why a revamp of the website ?

This revamp was prompted by :

  • The sale of our Unimog and hence the end of what we at least have been thinking of our Round The World Expedition (rtw).

    In light of the fact that we still have other adventures planned it became clear that within the context of the website we needed another way of 'categorizing' the information about those future adventures; this in turn meant there was a need to restructure the content of the website.

  • During 2018 Google announced that they would start to charge on a per transaction basis for users of their map services or API. Since the whiteacorn site makes considerable use of that map API, I determined that continued use of the Google service would incur thousands of dollars in charges. Hence a new map solution was required.

    In the end I converted the maps to use Open Street Maps and Leaflette.js.

  • A desire on my part to renovate the code. The whiteacorn site has now been operational for 10 years and the technology, art and engineering of building websites (not to mention my expertise) has come a long way in that time, and I wanted to bring my baby into the modern world.

The changes in brief

The content of the site is now organized into Adventures, with each adventure having its own home page like a subordinate website. Over arching these adventures there is a home page for the whole site. Currently those are:

  • Australia - an upcoming 6 month expedition to the western part of Australia. There will be more about this in an upcoming post.

    Link is Australia

  • The Americas - Our trip in 2009-2010 to the bottom of South America and back in our Provan Tiger.

    Link is The Americas

  • Round The World - Our travels around the world in our beloved GXV/Unimog covering 2012-2018, plus a few short excursions without a vehicle that happened during that period.

    Link is Round The World

  • Travels in our Earthroamer - various shorter journeys in North America in our Earthroamer over the period of 2011-2018.

    Link is EarthRoamer

  • Motorcycle Travel - to date only Rob's 2018 solo trip to Alaska, but maybe more in the future.

    Link is Motorcycle

The site home page is at Site home page

In addition you will notice the maps have a different color scheme, that is a result of using Open Street Maps rather than Google maps.

Behind the scene there are many changes, the only visible consequence of those changes are some slight differences in the "look-and-feel" of the site.

Finally, feedback is welcome.