As the reader can see from the previous blog entry we stayed last night in the little NSW town of Gilgandra. An interesting little town that is somewhat sadly still living on the notoriety of The Cooee March, an event that happened in Oct-Nov of 1915. To read more about this event click here

Click this link to get some meaning and history of the word Cooee

We forgot to take any pictures of Gilgandra or the Royal Hotel where we stayed, but by sheer acident Todd got a pic of the enormous grapevine trunk that stands in the Royal Hotel's beer garden.

To his credit he was also up early enough to capture an image of the sun rise over the towns bicycle repair shop, though in truth it is hard to read the shop's sign in the low light.

The highlight of the day, or at least the only thing we remembered to photograph was the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit and its associated Museum.

We spent the night at the Kandos Hotel which is a pub and attached motel (see last 3 photos).