Before we get to Lightening Ridge I should give a short update on us and this site.

Like the rest of the world during 2020 and 2021 COVID prevented any travel and largely confined us to a hermit existence in our home in Gig Harbor Washington.

However despite COVIDs best effort, we decided in early 2021 to sell our house and move permenantly back to Australia. A move that cost us 14 days quarantine in a small hotel room and brought us back to Sydney (one of the worlds most expensive cities) looking for a house to buy at the near top of a run-away realestate market.

But with COVID seemingly past and the settling in process complete it is time to get exploring again.

So in preparation for some future adventures:

  • In late 2021 I bought a Suzuki DR650 as a replacement for my faithful BMW1200 GS which unfortunately I left in the US

  • In August 2022 we bought a Toyota Troop Carrier with plans to have it converted to a camper. There will be more on this story as the work proceeds. Our expectation is that we will be able to undertake some extended outback travel next southern hemisphere winter.

  • A motorcycle friend of mine arrives in Australia next week for a 7 day motorcycle trip into central New South Wales. There will be more on that story as the trip develops starting Oct 12th 2022.