A snowy day in camp (Devils Tower, Wyoming)

Journal entry for Saturday 13th Oct, 2018 (day 16, miles 2021)

The forecast bad weather arrived over night and by mid morning the temperature was below freezing an snow was falling. That's how the day continued.

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More grass lands (Devils Tower, Wyoming)

Journal entry for Friday 12th Oct, 2018 (day 15, miles 2021)

Today turned out to be a long distance day by our standards, over 200 miles. But bad weather is forecast for the next few days and we wanted to be at a campground while it (the weather) descended on us. Also the roads today were good, travel easy and the grass lands scenery interesting without being spectacular. Thus we made it to Devils Tower late in the day to find, fortunately that the KOA was open for a few more days. We also arrived just in time to get a few photos of the Tower before the sun was gone.

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Big Horn Canyon (Fort Smith, Montana)

Journal entry for Thursday 11th Oct, 2018 (day 14, miles 1766)

As the title says, today we visited the northern end of Big Horn Canyon. Our route took us through miles of grass lands and Crow Indian Reservation before finishing in the small town of Fort Smith. At this time of year the town is gearing up for for fishing. There are many fishing lodges around the town and drift boats on trails were very common.

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Shoshone Canyon (KOA Billings, MT)

Journal entry for Tuesday 9th Oct, 2018 (day 12, miles 1619)

It was cold outside this morning, 24°F at 8:00 when we finally decided to get out of bed. But the diesel heater worked all night so we were comfortable inside our yellow box. And thanks to that same diesel heater I was able to warm the engine and get it started first try. I am now quite confused about the cause of the isses we have had with the truck engine and diesel heater.

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Perfect photo weather (East Entrance Yellowstone, WY)

Journal entry for Monday 8th Oct, 2018 (day 11, miles 1449)

The day started bright and sunny, with no clouds, so we were up somewhat earlier than usual to take advantage of the great photo opportunities. This theme continued throughout the day and we spent more time on the road than would be usual for us as we wanted to cover our targeted areas of both the Tetons and Yellowstone while the good weather lasted.

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