A doomed trip

Posted Monday 2nd Jan, 2017

After returning from Lima we spent a little while at our house in WA catching up on business and imposing ourselves on our friend Todd who rents our house from us. Not wanting to outstay our welcome we decided that we would take our trusty Earthroamer south for the month of Feb with the goal of escaping from the rain and snow of Washington and also give Todd a break from us.

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Another update - A Month in Lima (Lima - Miraflores, Peru)

Journal entry for Monday 2nd Jan, 2017 (day 99, miles 0)

We have been off the air for a while so it is time for another couple of update posts.

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A brief visit down-under (Sydney, Australia)

Journal entry for Sunday 20th Nov, 2016 (day 99, miles 0)

Just a brief update to let you know that we spent most of November on a visit down-under, or at least to Sydney. It was a catchup with family and a chance to do some personal business. As always Sydney harbor was picturesque and impressive with some really lovely walks around the foreshore. On the other hand Sydney traffic dense, slow and frustrating. It was great to catchup with family and meet the new members that have arrived since our last visit.

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Home today, mushrooms in our garden (Government Camp, OR)

Journal entry for Monday 31st Oct, 2016 (day 98, miles 12255)

Just to remind anyone who is still reading this site. We are going to be off the air for a while as we have a couple of non adventure trips planned and will not be reporting those on the blog. So don't look for any updates until the new year.

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Travelin (Hwy 395, OR)

Journal entry for Sunday 30th Oct, 2016 (day 97, miles 11987)

Really nothing to say or see

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