About This Site

This website records the overlanding and other travels of Nina and Rob Blackwell and covers a period from March 2009 to the present. The images above are just a taste of the photographic record of our travels. Click here to see all of our travel photos.

Most of the travel recorded here has been vehicle based, and undertaken as overlanding adventures. Over the years we have had a number of vehicles and we have grouped our travels into Adventures based on the vehicle used.

Below you will find a summary of each of the different adventures and links to detailed pages about those adventures.

Clicking here will take you to a consolidated map of all out adventures. Each marker on the map represents a 'camping' spot where we spent at least one night, and the different adventures are represented by different colors.

Finally we hope and plan that the adventures are not yet over.

Hence when we are exgaged in yet another adventure the section below entitled The Latest News will have summaries of the latest posts from which readers can link to the current adventure and all posts related to that adventure.

Our Adventures

Whats next - Australia

Now that 2019 has arrived we feel at liberty to announce that our next adventure will take place in Australia ..... click to see more.

The Americas

This is the earliest adventure recorded on this website and started in March of 2009. At the time we were novices at this overlanding thing and really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. As it turned out .... read more

Around the World

Our longest overlanding adventure occupying approximately 5 years and taking us around the world from the far East of Canada, across North America, the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Russia, then through the Asian continent to explore Europe and then finally .... read more

Travels with our Earthroamer

After completing our The Americas adventure we mistakenly believed that we would not undertake any more vehicle based travel outside North America and with that mind set, in 2011 just after OverlandExpo, we purchased a used 2008 Earthroamer. However as plans .... read more

Motorcycle Adventures

In 2015 on our annual return to the US, I Robert, decided to get myself a motorcycle license (my first ever experiences with motos) and a year later (again on our annual return to the US) I bought my first motorcycle a 2011 BMW1200 GS. That same year that motorcycle presented me with a broken leg and thats why we did not return to Europe that year. It was probably inevitable .... click this link to read more.

The Latest News

Iron Knob (Whyalla, South Australia)

Journal entry for Friday 22nd Mar, 2019 (day 24, miles 245)

The goal for today was to make it to Whyalla, a largish town almost at the head of Spensers Gulf. Along the way we visited the town of Kimba whose claim to fame, is that it is half way across Australia (from east to west), and that it is the home of the Big Galah. On a nearby hill we also found metal statues of John Eyre (the first European to cross the continent of Australia from Sydney to "Perth") and his aboriginal companion Wylie.

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Animal Farm (Cleve, South Australia)

Journal entry for Thursday 21st Mar, 2019 (day 23, miles 116)

Regular readers of this blog will probably already deduced that Nina and I like photographing animals/birds, so this morning we could not resist the opportunity to visit Glen Forest Animal Park a short drive from Port Lincoln. It is a bit corny going to such a place but on the other hand if did give us a chance to capture a number of iconic Australian animals.

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A Day in Port Lincoln (Port Lincoln, South Australia)

Journal entry for Wednesday 20th Mar, 2019 (day 22, miles 0)

Port Lincoln might be described as a small city, but a large town is probably a more accurate description. Situated on beautiful Boston Bay it is (by South Australia standards) a large grain port with a very large grain storage complex and ship loading facility as its reason d'entre. The town was founded in 1839 because of its very large protected harbor (3 times the size of Sydney Harbor) and is now the regional center for the Eyre Peninsula.

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Out fishing early (Port Lincoln, South Australia)

Journal entry for Tuesday 19th Mar, 2019 (day 21, miles 360)

The Eyre Peninsula is at the western end of South Australias time zone so sunrise is around 8:00am at this time of year. However for the guests at the Venus Bay Caravan Park darkness did not prevent an early start on the important business of the days fishing. So by the time there was enough light for a photograph many of those tinnies had alrerady been launched at the local natural sand boat ramp and we only got photos of the late comers.

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A Day of Bays (Venus Bay, South Australia)

Journal entry for Monday 18th Mar, 2019 (day 20, miles 283)

Smokey Bay, Streaky Bay (Hotel), a few rugged coastal cliffs, Venus Bay and throw in the sea lions of Point Labatt and in brief that captures today. What's missing from that brief narrative is just how beautiful todays stretch of coast is and how sparcely populated. The country side is mostly grain or sheep farming country with farm land abutting the coast, with scattered small communities every 60 miles or so. Smokey Bay was one of the smaller communities we passed through today(photo 4), it consists of maybe 2 dozen buildings only.

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