Brussels and Luxemburg (Brussells, Belgium)

Journal entry for Wednesday 17th May, 2017 (day 64, miles 74366)

After dropping the truck at Zeebrugge we found our way by taxi and train to Brussels (Bruxelles to the locals) and our AirBnB apartment not far from Flagey Square in the Ixelles district. After the charms of Brugge we found Brussels a bit of a let down. But dutifully we spent a day in the sun touring the must-see sights. It will not surprise any of my fellow cynics that while much of what we saw in Brussels was somewhat time-worn and graffitied-up the area around the European Parliament Building was throbbing with activity, expensive cars and up market eating houses. Is it not amazing the way 'the political class' can justify spending other peoples money. to read the full post

Shipping prep and picturesque Brugge (Brugge, Belgium)

Journal entry for Sunday 14th May, 2017 (day 61, miles 74366)

After Eindhoven a short drive took us to Brugge and Camping Memling. Interestingly this is the the only campground we have ever found recommended in a Rick Steves guide book. More interestingly when we arrived there was a recording of a Rick Steve TV show playing on the TV in the campground recreation room. To extend the interest of this place it is worth noting that registration was via a computer kiosk. Finally access to the campground wifi was dispensed from another electronic kiosk which gave out tickets with a username and password good for a single hour, but since these tickets are free we eventually worked out that taking them in groups of 6 or more was the more convenient strategy. The first picture shows us parked in the campground with the local forest as a backdrop. to read the full post

Truck fixed (Eindhoven, Netherlands, A Country)

Journal entry for Thursday 11th May, 2017 (day 58, miles 74263)

You would be excused for being a bit perplexed by the strange mixture of photographs in todays posting. The image of a painting with all the folks seeming to have a good (but not virtuous) time is included because a print of this painting was on the wall of our hotel near the elevator on our floor. It happens to be The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Jheronimus Bosch. You might be interested to know (or maybe you already do know) that this is part of 3 painting fold-out called a triptych. This particular painting was the middle image of the triptych. The left panel depicts Adam and Eve (before their sins) and the right panel depicts the tortures of damnation. As a complete change of pace the photos of the truck show the left hub with wheel and brakes removed and oil leaking from the offending seal. to read the full post

Hotel and vehicle repairs ('s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)

Journal entry for Wednesday 10th May, 2017 (day 57, miles 74222)

This morning we dropped into the truck repair place in Sint Michielsgestel and hung around for a few hours while the left rear hub was partly dismantled. Sure enough the outer oil seal was leaking. So new parts are required and that means an overnight (at least) stay in a hotel is required. Erik helped us find a place in a local town ... wait for it 's-Hertogenbosh. Thats where we are tonight. to read the full post

Park and Ride (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Journal entry for Tuesday 9th May, 2017 (day 56, miles 74172)

As well as the repacking some sightseeing of Eindhoven and the area around our parking lot was on the agenda. Of course no photos of the repacking only the sightseeing. The Dutch are into bicycles like no other country we have ever visited. The photos of the bicycle parking lot is astounding but very common. On our walk around the town Nina noticed many outdoor markets selling cloth in bulk and commented that with all this cloth for sale there must be a lot of people (presumably mostly women) making clothes. Something that was common in our childhood but rare now, at least where we come from. to read the full post