Our GXV for sale and future travels

Posted Friday 16th Nov, 2018

During the course of this trip it has dawned on us that we should try and sell our beloved GXV expedition truck.

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Overland Expo East 2018 (REEB Ranch, NC)

Journal entry for Friday 9th Nov, 2018 (day 41, miles 4857)

The Overland Expo event was noticeably smaller in terms of attendies than its western sibling, however it still managed to be inspiring and we came away from the event even more enthused about our planned trip to Australia next year (more of this in a future post). The presentations (and books) by Elspeth Beard and Simon and Lisa Thomas> were particularly inspiring.

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Tourist heaven and autumn colors (Cherokee, TN)

Journal entry for Wednesday 7th Nov, 2018 (day 40, miles 4781)

Overnight we looked a little more carefully at the map and the location of the Overland venue and decided that we were a bit too far away from the venue and in any case we needed to collect some groceries before the event. Thus a we changed our plans and decided to move.

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Within reach of Overland Expo (Townsend, TN)

Journal entry for Tuesday 6th Nov, 2018 (day 39, miles 4703)

Today we headed to a KOA at Townsend, TN. We wanted to spend the last couple of nights before Overland Expo at a place within easy reach of the Overland venue. Townsend seemed to fit the bill, an interesting tourist town on the north side of the Smoky Mountains.

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Overland Expo Prep II (Crossville, TN)

Journal entry for Monday 5th Nov, 2018 (day 39, miles 4619)

Spent a second night at Crossville KOA, the Overland Expo work continues. Note the campground mascots, according to the staff there are 20-30 of these little guys living in the campground and surrounding properties

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