Starting the day with a short hike (Princeton, BC)

Journal entry for Sunday 28th Aug, 2016 (day 34, miles 3784)

We got off to a healthy start today with a 3 mile hike around the lake, pleasant weather and nice views. Thereafter the day was about getting to Princeton. Though of course we chose not to follow the obvious highways but instead chose Kane Valley Rd, Voght Valley Rd, and Ottre Lake Rd to Tulameen. to read the full post

A nice lakeside camp (Leighton Lake CG, BC)

Journal entry for Saturday 27th Aug, 2016 (day 33, miles 3669)

It was raining this morning, and the road was now muddy, as we traveled North along Deadmans Valley to Vidette Resort. We just wanted to get as far up the valley as we could to see if we could unravel some of yesterdays navigation comfusion. to read the full post

Bears and Beavers (Deadmans Lake, BC)

Journal entry for Friday 26th Aug, 2016 (day 32, miles 3610)

We continued our wanderings this morning heading south along forest roads from Bridge Lake with the plan on getting to the area around Castle Rock Hoodoos Provincial Park. But that proved a little more challenging than we had expected as we had to reconcile differences between various maps. The result of this resolution was that we ended up traveling along Brigade Creek Fire Service Road. It was clear from the start of this 12 miles section of road was little used as there were no tire marks in the sand, an impression that was eventually reenforced by a series of fallen trees blocking our path. So we spent some of our time either pulling trees off the road with the front winch or simply pushing them out of the way with the front bumper. The final mile of the road was a steep descent into Deadmans Creek and we were nervous for a while that we would be faced with a impassable crossing of that creek; but all was well. to read the full post

Mushrooms (Latremouille Lake, BC)

Journal entry for Thursday 25th Aug, 2016 (day 31, miles 3511)

Our backroad wanderings continued today and a series of logging and other gravel roads led us past a series of lakes. The wet nature of the countryside produced a good supply and variety of fungii and the bright sunshine had us more than a bit carried away with the photography. to read the full post

Backroad wanderings (Howard Lake, BC)

Journal entry for Wednesday 24th Aug, 2016 (day 30, miles 3416)

We spent the day following various backroads past a series of picturesque lakes finally arriving at Howard lake for our nights resting place. to read the full post