Some general comments about camping

In much of Tajikistan camping was no problem, just pull off the road. However some parts of the Wakhan were a little difficult because of the narrow roads and frequent villages. On more than one occasion we packed on the edge of a small village.

In Ishkashim we parked in the grounds of Hauni's Guest House, a very friendly place that gets a good deal of backpacker and other tourist business.

We tried two different places in Khorog, the first was the Pamir Lodge. This was exceptionally tight for our vehicle and is really only suitable for people with out vehicles of with 2 wheeled vehicles.

The second effort was better, though still a bit tight. It was the Hotel Serena a bit out of town towards the airport. A much nicer setting and only 20 somonies per night per vehice.

Duchanbe was the other place that needs comment. We finished up staying at the Hotel Kayon right in the center of the city. There is a bit of a story as to how we finished up there (see our blog for that part of the journey). We saw other overlanders who simply parked in the street near our hotel.

Camping log download

The following links will provide downloads of our camping log for Tajikistan in either GPX or plain text format.

Camping places for Tajikistan - as a Garmin BaseCamp compatible GPX file

Camping places for Tajikistan - as a Garmin BaseCamp compatible GPX file

Diesel Fuel

In the Pamir region towns were scarce and hence so was fuel sometimes. Hence we adopted a strategy of keeping our tanks topped up. Prices ranged from 5 soms per liter to as much as 6.9 soms per liter. The effective exchange rate was 5 soms to the US dollars