Our second visa while enroute. Our biggest difficulties with this visa were finding the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ulaanbaatar, and having our watches set to the correct Ulaanbaatar time. Because of this latter mistake we spent 4 hours wandering around town waiting for the Embassy to open again so we could submit our applications.

Embassy Location

We had trouble finding good directions to the Embassy either online or at the Oasis Guesthouse. In the end we got there by a piece of luck. We happend to find a taxi driver that spoke English and knew where the Embassy was located.

As it happens a number of the city maps of UB actually show the location of the Kazak Embassy but we only found those after our luck with the taxi driver.

So where is it?

Approximately N47.89261 E106.90740

Find your way to the Bog Khan's Winter Palace on the Zaisan Rd north of the Zaisan Bridge. Walk south on Zaisan Road until (on the right) you see a multi-story building with a green wall facing you and the name Green House on the wall (approximately N47.89269 E106.90905). Turn right at street immediately before the Green House. About 100m along on the right is the Kazakhstan Embassy.

Update: There is construction taking place that may eventually obscure the green wall and the sign for the Green House.

The process

We chose to apply for a 30 day single entry tourist visa. The application was straightfoward and the young lady clerk spoke good English. In addition to passports, passport sized photos, a copy of the face page of our passport we needed a copy of the Mongolian Visa page of our passport. We paid USD30 ech at a local back and included the receipt with out application.

The application took 5 business days.

Caution - Entry and Exit Date

An issue to be aware of. Our application indicated July 13th to Aug 13th but when we got our passports back we quickly noticed that the visas were valid from 17th July to 17th August. We could not work out why the dates were changed but small change could easily have played havoc with our downstream timing and plans.