Posts for February, 2017

A doomed trip

Posted Wednesday 1st Feb, 2017

After returning from Lima we spent a little while at our house in WA catching up on business and imposing ourselves on our friend Todd who rents our house from us. Not wanting to outstay our welcome we decided that we would take our trusty Earthroamer south for the month of Feb with the goal of escaping from the rain and snow of Washington and also give Todd a break from us. to read the full post

The doomed trip II

Posted Sunday 26th Feb, 2017

Tuesday morning 21st Feb we departed Rancho Colina at 7:00 am to make our way to Dyers RV Repair in San Luis Obispo. Kathy and Rick Howe followed us in their car just to make sure we had support if anything unpleasant happened along the way; like that bolt finally falling out and the camper body being set somewhat adrift from the chassis. However no disasters ensued and we arrived at Dyers a little before they opened. to read the full post