Trip Report

Posted Thursday 22nd Aug, 2019

Between February 2019 to August 2019 my wife Nina and I toured Australia's West in a Toyota Troop Carrier rented from WA Experts. The purpose of this article is to answer some of the why questions related to that adventure. Why Australia's West ? Why a Toyota Troop Carrier? Why rent? and Why WA Experts? to read the full post

Aug 21st Freshwater, NSW - tomorrow we fly back to the US

Posted Wednesday 21st Aug, 2019

We had a nice relaxing week in an Airbnb apartment, caught up with Nina's family, and took in some of the beach scenery around Freshwater. Then our Australian adventure was over and we prepared for the not-so-enjoyable 20 hour trek back to SEATAC and our "normal" life in the Pacific NW. Though of course there are already more 'trip' in the works. to read the full post

The Indian Pacific

Posted Tuesday 13th Aug, 2019

We had always planned that our return journey from Perth to Sydney would be a train trip on the Indian Pacific, named because by crossing the Australian continent it joins the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. This is a very popular journey and indeed we had to book our place on this train over a year before the journey date. It is also a bit of an unusual train journey in that it stops a number of times to provide the passengers with off-train excursions or activities. In that regard it is more like a cruise ship passage than a typical train. to read the full post

Returning 'our' Troopy (Perth, Western Australia)

Journal entry for Friday 9th Aug, 2019 (day 165, kms 0)

The driving part of our adventure came to an end today when we returned our faithful 'troopy' to the guys at We were sad to say goodbye to the trusty vehicle, pleased to get it back to them without any last minute accidents or problems, pleased to share some of our adventure with the guys and sorry to say good bye to Taia and the team that have supported us so well. to read the full post

Quokkas (Fremantle, Western Australia)

Journal entry for Thursday 8th Aug, 2019 (day 164, kms 0)

The one last sighseeing adventure we had always planned to undertake during our wind-down in Fremantle was a visit to Rottnest Island. It is about 30 minutes from downtown Perth on a fast ferry and is famous for its population of Quokkas. These are small macropods (like mini kangaroos, approximately) about the size of a family cat and are the reason the island got its name. In 1696 Dutch captain Willem de Vlamingh spent 6 days on the island and mistaking the Quokkas for large rats named the island 't Eylandt 't Rottenest ("Rats' Nest Island"). The current population of Quokkas is estimated at around 10-12,000 and they appear to be everywhere on the island; particularly where human visitors are likely to be consuming food. You will notice in the last few photos below that Nina had some difficulty eating her lunch without sharing it with a quokka. There is a $150 fine for feeding the animals. to read the full post