A Title (Manilla, New South Wales)

Journal entry for Wednesday 20th Sep, 2023 (day 65, kms 485)

The plan was for today to be a driving day and to end the day in a position to arrive in Sydney tomorrow. Thus there was not much sight-seeing today.

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Morven (Rest area St George, Queensland)

Journal entry for Tuesday 19th Sep, 2023 (day 64, kms 460)

There is not much to say about today as we are at the end of the trip and the "lets get home" feeling is trying to takeover our days. This can be seen by the distance we drove today, much greater than we would normally drive.

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Augathella (Wild camp near Charleville, Queensland)

Journal entry for Monday 18th Sep, 2023 (day 63, kms 219)

Some readers will know of the song Augathella Station by the Australian Folk Group The Bushwackers. This is a song Nina and I have listened to for over 40 years and today we will finally get to visit the town of Augathella which is in Queensland cattle country and is central to the song.

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Australian Workers (Tambo, Queensland)

Journal entry for Sunday 17th Sep, 2023 (day 62, kms 283)

We loitered a bit today in the tiny town of Barcaldine. It is a tidy place with a nice picnic area beside the highway so there was plenty of shaded tables to lounge on so it was a pleasant place to spend some of the day. But it is also a historically and politically significant town as in some ways it is the home of the Australian Labour movement and the Australian Labour Party. To emphasis this the town is host to an enormous museum called The Australian Workers Heritage Center

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Stockmans Hall of Fame (Wild camp West of Ilfacombe, Queensland)

Journal entry for Saturday 16th Sep, 2023 (day 61, kms 37)

Today was allocated to visiting the The Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame which, afterall, is what Longreach is best known for. Although the town has somewhat gone all-out on tourism as there are a number of Australiana/historical attractions in the town not the least of which is the QANTAS exhibit which boasts its own real Boing 747.

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