About This Site

This website records the overlanding and other travels of Nina and Rob Blackwell and covers a period from March 2009 to the present. The images above are just a taste of the photographic record of our travels. Click here to see all of our travel photos.

Most of the travel recorded here has been vehicle based, and undertaken as overlanding adventures. Over the years we have had a number of vehicles and we have grouped our travels into Adventures based on the vehicle used.

Below you will find a summary of each of the different adventures and links to detailed pages about those adventures.

Clicking here will take you to a consolidated map of all out adventures. Each marker on the map represents a 'camping' spot where we spent at least one night, and the different adventures are represented by different colors.

Finally we hope and plan that the adventures are not yet over.

Hence when we are exgaged in yet another adventure the section below entitled The Latest News will have summaries of the latest posts from which readers can link to the current adventure and all posts related to that adventure.

Our Adventures

Asia 2020 and 2023

At long last we are about to restart the Asia trip that was aborted by COVID19 in 2020.

..... click to see more.


We will end 2019 with a cruise to the Antarctic aboard the Greg Mortimer. This is a new ship, having just completed its maiden voyage and is named after a famous (in Australia at least) mountaineer and antarctic traveler. ..... click to see more.


Our 2019 Australian adventure was sufficently successful that we are now living back in Australia, planning a new travel vehicle and some more Australian based exploration. The new vehicle is currently undergoing some modification and preparations and sometime in 2nd quarter of 2023 we will be able to do our first trials.

Stay tuned .. once it is in our hands we will give you a tour and run down.

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The Americas

This is the earliest adventure recorded on this website and started in March of 2009. At the time we were novices at this overlanding thing and really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. As it turned out .... read more

Around the World

Our longest overlanding adventure occupying approximately 5 years and taking us around the world from the far East of Canada, across North America, the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Russia, then through the Asian continent to explore Europe and then finally .... read more

Travels with our Earthroamer

After completing our The Americas adventure we mistakenly believed that we would not undertake any more vehicle based travel outside North America and with that mind set, in 2011 just after OverlandExpo, we purchased a used 2008 Earthroamer. However as plans .... read more

Motorcycle Adventures

In 2015 on our annual return to the US, I Robert, decided to get myself a motorcycle license (my first ever experiences with motos) and a year later (again on our annual return to the US) I bought my first motorcycle a 2011 BMW1200 GS. That same year that motorcycle presented me with a broken leg and thats why we did not return to Europe that year. It was probably inevitable .... click this link to read more.

The Latest News

Hawkes and Oil (Thargominda, Queensland)

Journal entry for Monday 22nd Apr, 2024 (day 24, kms 302)

Today seemed to be never ending; with the black strip of tar (sealed road) heading off into the distance through flat and almost featureless country. Though to be fair the type of country changed from time to time. Sometimes bare rocky desert, othertimes lush grass lands thanks to recent rains, and othertimes mulga strub. But always with the red-sand or red-rock underneath.

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Burke and Wills (Wild Camp, Queensland)

Journal entry for Sunday 21st Apr, 2024 (day 23, kms 292)

As the title of this post suggests today would be about Burke and Wills though we did not know that at the start of the day. A little after getting started today we came to the oil settlement of Moomba. Aussies of my age might remember when "the Moomba oil discovery" was a major news story. One never hears of it now but the town of Moomba and the surrounding area is alive with activity and as a result we would encounter many work vehicles and heavy trucks from this point until after Innamincka.

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Strzelecki Part I (Somewhere on the Strzelecki Track, South Australia)

Journal entry for Saturday 20th Apr, 2024 (day 22, kms 315)

Before leaving Lyndhurst this morning Nina went on her usual morning walk and got captivated by thee effect of the early morning sun on the earth dams behind the hotel. The photos in some sad way captures the essense of Lyndhurst. A cross-road settlement that barely earns the title of a town and consists of two gas stations and a pub.

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Birdsville Track II (Lyndhusrt, South Australia)

Journal entry for Friday 19th Apr, 2024 (day 21, kms 286)

The notable feature of today is probably the flat tyre we had to deal with. We parked at the campground where the track crosses Cooper Creek and noticed the tyre was going down so was able to change it without driving on the flat tyre; fortunate as that saved us from destroying the tyre.

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Birdsville Track I (Mungerannie, South Australia)

Journal entry for Thursday 18th Apr, 2024 (day 20, kms 313)

We started the day with a visit to Birdsville Bakery, just like a lot of other travellers. Thereafter we started the long trek down the legendary Birdsville Track to the town of Marree. The track was in much better condition than we had expected though there was a lot of small scale water damage with most of the small creek crossings being rough. There was also a lot of water still around in the paddocks beside the track and in ponds in the creeks. We only encountered maybe half a dozen pools actually on the track that we needed to cross.

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