Day 10 - Animals/Creatures (Turramurra, Australia)

Journal entry for Friday 21st Oct, 2022 (day 10, miles 390)

Today was the final chance for our visitor to see those elusive animals that Australia has to offer the world. Kangaroos, Cassowary, Echidna, and Koala to name just a few. Fortunately these days there is a very compact zoo in the center of Sydney that makes most of these aniimals easily accessible. to read the full post

Day 9 - Bushwalking (Turramurra, Australia)

Journal entry for Thursday 20th Oct, 2022 (day 9, miles 390)

Todays activity was a bushwalk (hike) into the nearby National Park. Again Nina was the guide on this 2+ hour stroll on a somewhat rough, mostly down hill, track. Weather was cloudy and the bush was wet from recent rain. That probably explained the leeches that found Nina to be an enticing meal. See the last photo. to read the full post

Day 8 - Sydney harbor and beaches (Turramurra, Australia)

Journal entry for Wednesday 19th Oct, 2022 (day 5, miles 390)

The riding is over, so its time to become just plain tourists. Todd spent the morning cleaning the dead insects off the rental bike and returning it to the rental company. The afternoon Nina acted as tourist guide with a visit to the heart of Sydney, and a ferry ride to Manly beach. to read the full post

Day 7 - The final day of riding (Turramurra, Australia)

Journal entry for Tuesday 18th Oct, 2022 (day 5, miles 390)

We noticed last night that the Kandos Hotel was under new management. The guy servicing at the bar was the new owner (of only 2 weeks he told us) and we noticed some things that highlighted this fact. to read the full post

Day 6 - Mt Panorama (Kandos, Australia)

Journal entry for Monday 17th Oct, 2022 (day 5, miles 390)

As the reader can see from the previous blog entry we stayed last night in the little NSW town of Gilgandra. An interesting little town that is somewhat sadly still living on the notoriety of The Cooee March, an event that happened in Oct-Nov of 1915. To read more about this event click here to read the full post