We typically keep a log of our camping places during our travels and in additional we occasionally note a place that might make a good camping place even though we did not use it.

For our 2014 travels this pages and the side-bar menu will give you access to that log.

The two links below will give all of our 2014 camping places as download files in two formats.

The GPX format is suitable for loading directly into a GPS. I have tested the format with Garmin GPS devices both via direct loading onto the GPS device using it a an external disk to my computer and have also loaded then using Garmin's Basecamp program.

The plain text format is just that, a file that you can print.

The only caution is that during January of 2014 we traveled on the Mexican Baja and hence those camping spots are included in the downloads that provide all.

For information about specific countries crossed during our trip from Vladivostok to Europe select the country from the side menu and view the associated page. That page will have information and download links in the same two formats, but will give camping places only for that country.

Full Camping log download

The following links will provide downloads of our entire camping log (for our Vlaidivostok to Europe adventure) in either GPX or plain text format.

Camping places for - as a Garmin BaseCamp compatible GPX file

Camping places for - as a plain text file