Take 3

The astute reader will recall that in August 2012 during our visit to the GXV factory we had a 3rd fuel tank installed. Following the installation it quickly became apparent that filling the tank with fuel was a problem. Specifically the filler neck and hose were too small (in diameter) and had an insufficient slope. This problem manifested itself by fuel backing up in the filler neck and pouring over the ground.

In December 2012 I had the filler neck and extension tube re-installed in a different place in the hope of fixing the problem; but no go.

With the date for shipping to Russia getting close I decided to attack the problem again when we returned to Washington at the start of February.

Fortunately an internet search turned up Long's Custom Metal a metal fabrication shop in Tacoma. After a discussion with the owner Russ Long we decided to install a new filler entry to the tank closer to the rear of the vehicle and to ensure ample capacity we decided to make it 4 inches in diameter. See the photos below.

As it turned out I had Russ do a number of small jobs on the truck including a metal cover for the generator.

I should note that the new filler works great and that I was more than happy with the work done by Russ.