The truck has some other interesting control features that are worth noting.

  • A cruise control system that can be engaged at speeds as low as 10mph. This is fantastic for crawling along rough roads or ensuring that one drops down to the posted speed limit when crawling through towns on the Baja Peninsula. This feature is controlled by the right hand control arm on the steering column.

  • A two stage engine brake that is activated by the right hand control arm on the steering column. This is IMO one of the best driving features of the truck. Descending even very steep hills is always under control and no stress on the brakes.

  • A manual throttle. This is activated by a switch on the console and thereafter engine speed can be controlled by the right hand arm on the steering column. Again very helpful when on rough or 4x4 roads and traveling too slow for cruise control.

  • A quick reversing feature. Normally the transition between a forward gear and a reverse gear requires

    • that the button on the right hand side of the gear nob be depressed to attain neutral, and then

    • the button on the left side be depressed while simultaneously pulling the gear nob backwards to obtain a reverse gear (by the way there are 6 of them --- that is reverse gears)

    The quick reversing feature is activated by a switch on the center console. Once active this feature is controlled by the lever on the front of the gear nob. That lever no longer changes up and down gears, now it switches between forward and backwards. Push the lever down and the next time the clutch is depressed the transmission will go into a forward gear, pull it up and the next clutch depression will cause a reverse gear to be selected. In either case the number of the gear does not change. This is an amazingly convenient feature for doing 3-point turns.

And of course I must not forget the Vario-Pilot capability that permits the steering wheel and pedals to be moved to the other side of the vehicle thus enabling the vehicle to be converted into a right-hand drive in a matter of seconds. We have added a gauge pod to the top of the center console and this must be removed before this maneuver can be completed, thus lengthening the process by a few minutes.