Our choice of a new adventure vehicle came on the heals of a good experience with our Provan Tiger during our 19 month, 60,000 mile Americas Trip and in the face of a recent purchase (as it was then), and a happy experience with a used 2008 Earthroamer.

Not long after purchasing the ER, with the adrenalin of Overland Expo 2011 still flowing in our veins we decided a new multi-year multi-country adventure was called for.

That raised the question of whether the ER was the right vehicle for the proposed adventure or should we be considering something different.

Ultimately we chose to (try and) sell our Earthroamer and commissioned a vehicle from Global Expedition Vehicles (here after called GXV).

GXV sourced a 2003 Unimog U500 for us and we contracted them to fit out that chassis with one of their Safari camper boxes and a range of other goodies.

After a year of trying to sell our ER on consignment with the Earthroamer folks, and with prices falling, we elected to keep the ER as our US home.

I will post more information about the new vehicle as the construction takes place and after that as we use it and are in a position to assess the strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some images of the finished product.