Christmas day offered no rest from the excitement of cruising amongst the ice and animals in our trusty little Zodiacs. This time the location was Foyn Harbor, Enterprise Island which in addition to providing a great display of ice and animals is the last home of the Norwegian Whale Factory ship the Governoren which caught fire after spending an entire summer harvesting whale oil. In response to the fire the Captain ran the burning ship aground thereby saving all of the 85 crew but loosing the entire summers harvest.

After the sight of the forlorn wreck it was back to the ship for a few drinks, a nap and eventually lunch, a warm up for the evening meal.

Entertainment for the afternoon was the traditional Polar Plunge, which you can imagine, passengers and crew members with more adventure than common sense walk out onto the kayak launching ramp at the back of the ship and jump into the water of the Southern Ocean. Just to put this in perspective, this mornings weather report noted that the air temperature was -1°C (30°F) and the water was 2°C (36°F).

Nina and I were content to watch from the deck fully clothed.