From Ushuaia we flew via Buenos Aires to Lima, Peru. We had an Airbnb apartment in one of the sea side areas of Lima called Miraflores. A family reunion was planned with our eldest son coming in from his home in Berlin. Lima generally and Miraflores in particular is a pleasant place to spend some time in the early part of the year, particularly if your home is in the Pacific NW. Lima has a yearly temperature range of 60°F to 80°F, and an annual average rainfall of 16mm (0.67 imches). So it is warm without being hot and forget rain. We have visited a number of times in recent years.

This visit was a little more active that in the past. One of our sons has recently taken up indoor climbing and was keen to get us all into the act. It goes without saying that youth dominated this activity. It is years since I have climbed and I could not belive how exhausted I was after a single route of half a rope length.

Miraflores is quite a tourist area and we have previously watched with some facination as tourists in droves got themselves harnessed up to an experienced pilot and took to the strong updrafts that rise up the face of the Miraflores escapment. This time Nina and I were determined that we would hold our courage.

We flew back to a wet and dreary PNW on Jan 22nd to face the annual round of medical checkups and tax returns.