The Tigers Nest or Taksang is a monastry built on the face of a cliff overlooking the Paro Valley and the only accessible route to it is by a walking track that involves a climb of approximately 600 meters/ 2000 feet. It is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Bhutan. It has been a goal (and perhaps for Nina even the focus of this trip) and a concern ever since we added Bhutan to this trip as an alternative to Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Why a concern? Because we were not sure whether the walking track was within our capability. Well today was the day and Nina got all the way to the Monastry and I got as far as the highest point on the track.

In the first image, the gentleman on Nina's left is our guide Jigme. We are grateful for his help and encouragement.

Details of the Monastry and its history can be found in the link at the start of this post.