There was no organized sightseeing today. It was a day to recover from yesterdays climb and to spend the little energy we had just generally looking around the town of Paro and taking photographs of random but interesting things; such as meat lying on the counter in the butcher's shop, Rob getting a haircut, a man fixing the road with a hand trowel, a horse parked in the middle of the road.

We also thought it was about time to document some of the different building techiques and construction practices. Rocks on the roof to hold the roofing material down has been quite common in all of the countries we have visited.

Bamboo is an amazingly useful material. Not only can it replace steel tubing for concrete form work, but it is also the prefered scaffolding and we have even seen it used as water pipes. Although for this last use one must break all the segment knots by forcing a piece of steel or sharpened stick through the bamboo.