We loitered a bit today in the tiny town of Barcaldine. It is a tidy place with a nice picnic area beside the highway so there was plenty of shaded tables to lounge on so it was a pleasant place to spend some of the day. But it is also a historically and politically significant town as in some ways it is the home of the Australian Labour movement and the Australian Labour Party. To emphasis this the town is host to an enormous museum called The Australian Workers Heritage Center

After finally breaking ourselves loose from the comfort of Barcaldine we moved on a few hundred k's (as Australians say) to the similarly tiny and tidy town of Tambo.

Since Tambo has no significant history to tie its fame to the residents have invented a town idol. The Tambo Teddy. More on Teddy in tomorrows entry.

We stayed at one of the towns 2 campgrounds. Unpowered site for $20 with complimentary laundry.