There is not much to say about today as we are at the end of the trip and the "lets get home" feeling is trying to takeover our days. This can be seen by the distance we drove today, much greater than we would normally drive.

We stopped this morning in the small town of Morven. Like most of the small Queensland towns we have visited, Morven had made considerable effort to provide some attractions for tourists. The little building is like many that were built during the depression of the 1930s. Unemplyment was high in Morven during the depression and many local residents were without money. The walls of this building are made from 5 gallon kerosene containers being flattened into sheets.

We were not sure whether the Emus roaming the town were deliberate entertainment for tourists or just random. Never the less Nina was keen to try and get some photos as we have seen very few Emus on this trip up until today.

South of Morven is Tregole National Park. It has a nice walking trail intended to showcase a special species of tropical tree, the Ooline Tree, that has survived from the ice ages but we could not clearly work out which tree it was.

We camped the night in a rest area about 10km before the town of St George.