Today was supposed to be a short day on a paved road; from Thargomindah to Quilpie (don't you like the names). However it turns out that towards the end of the drive the paved road was still under the waters of the Bulloo River (a major river in this area) and as a result there was a diversion of 40 or so km to bypass the problem.

Quilpie turned out to be a slightly larger town than Thargomindah, also with Tourist Info Center and very nice caravan park. It even had an outside hot tub for guests.

The photo of the truck requires an explanation. Bulloo River can be flooded for extended periods of time with the result that the town is cutoff from the outside world. This is such a problem for the town that years ago the local council decided to provide a novel "ferry" service over the flooded river. That service was called the Flood TRuck which is used to transport people and goods over the flooded river. The photo is of the First flood truck. They are now up to number 6.