If you look at the right kind of map of South West Queensland you will see a region called Channel Country. It is an area where largish rivers like the Cooper, the Barcoo and the Diamantina break out into braids of creeks surrounded by flood plains. When the creeks flood (after the wet season in Norther Australia) the creeks overflow and the whole area turns into a temporary lake. Well today we got our first experience of Channel Country. As expected there were many many causeways over creekss and between those long stretches of low lands that were green and lush vegetation due to recent flooding.

I can not help but have a bit of a rant about useless road signs. I was particularly perplexed by image 4 above. What effect do officials think that will have other than providing an opportunity for a minster to hold a press conference. Certainly won't make the roads safer.

We spent the night in the small town of Windorah, the last real supply stop before Birdsville.