Today seemed to be never ending; with the black strip of tar (sealed road) heading off into the distance through flat and almost featureless country. Though to be fair the type of country changed from time to time. Sometimes bare rocky desert, othertimes lush grass lands thanks to recent rains, and othertimes mulga strub. But always with the red-sand or red-rock underneath.

Early in the day we were amazed by the large number of hunting birds (hawkes, kits, eagles) over and on the road. Infact at times we came close to knocking one out of the air as they flew close to the road.

To our surprise we passed a number of oil wells pumping away slowly and larger complexes that we assumed where oil pumping stations. We guessed that the oil activity explains why this other wise remote and lonely road is sealed.

Towards the end of the slog along Adventure Way we took a slight detour to the town/settlement of Noccundra which boasts a pub, amenities block, and community hall. This settlement is located close to the water hole of the same name which is also a primitive campsite. The water hole is quite large and currently full.

We stayed the night in the caravan park in Thargomindah and were pleased to take advantage of their excellent facilities.