For a little while this morning the rest day gamble seemed like it might not pay off, as the mountains were all covered in cloud as I started out this morning. But by the time I got to the Columbia Icefield the cloud was broken and sun was showing through. I tried to capture a smattering of the sights along this really picturesque route. I have travelled this road a number of times but never failed to be awed by just how much spectacular mountain and lake scenery is packed into this single road.

As my day progressed I tried to catch a few of the more memorable scenes, but in truth I could have spent days there taking photos of rivers, lakes and mountains, and I did not have days to spend.

Lake Louise seemed crowded, with signs informing us tourists, that the parking lot at the Lake Louise Hotel was full. So after a short stop at the village for a few phone calls I continued on towards Radium Springs and my nights stopping place.

The road to Radium was an enjoyable ride, good quality road, some nice turns and not much traffic. The route was finished with a steep descent past the hot spring pools, through the associated canyon and then into the town of Radium Hot Springs.

I managed to get the last tent site in the Redstreak Campground.

I had dinner in an Austrian flavored place that seemed to have a lot of European tourists as customers. I even got to try spaetzle a type of very small dumpling.

Across from the restaurant was the fence of carved faces and the unidentified tall structure shown in the 2nd and 3rd last photos.