The first town on my route out of Castlegar this morning was Trail, BC. It was clearly an old mining town built in and on the sides of a steep valley with small or narrow houses. Fortunately for the town some mining and or metallurgical facilities still operates; though also clearly tourism is now a substantial income source for the area. I was intrigued by the sign at the exit to the town I did not know Italian was one of the Canadian languages.

The day turned out to be hot, really hot at times (102° F in Omak WA), and an accompanying heat haze took photography off the agenda for much of the day. However I made a small effort (leave it at that).

I was pleased to arrive at Winthrop and find a shaded tent site at the KOA Campground just east of the town. Though I must admit to a bit of short term sticker shock at the price, over $40 to pitch a 2 man tent. More than twice what I have paid elsewhere.

Still it was nice to stop and remove the hot riding cloths.