So we are on the road again and the "journey continues". Since the last entry we have been back to our house in Washington, to undertake a series of chores that deserve no discussion. In addition we had a visit from our eldest son Brendon and we accompanied him into the mountains of British Columbia where Nina and I played support team to a brief solo mountain biking expedition.

The mountain biking excursion involved some rugged forest trails and found a weakness in one of the rear tires of the ER. This tire has since been replaced and we hope not to repeat the experience. These are not cheap tires.

While at home I had a few repairs performed on the ER by a local diesel shop. It seems that the early editions of the 2008 6.4 liter Power Stroke had some flaws in the cooling system, specifically the thermostats (there are two of them) and the radiator hoses, and eventually Ford came out with updates to these parts. Well as a result of a check engine light I was alerted to the fact that the thermostats were not working correctly and hence I decide to get those (the thermostats) and the radiator hoses replaced. Would you believe 6 hours labor.

The couple of weeks we spent roaming Idaho and Montana proved to be very pleasant, and somewhat surprising, as we had not expected to find so much impressive countryside with so few people.


Tonight we are back in BC staying at a very popular (and hence crowded) rest area at exit 99 on Canada 1 (the trans Canada Hwy).