Gun Creek Camp Ground, where we camped tonight, is located in the bed of Carpenter Lake where Gun Creek enters the lake. The campground is provided and maintained by BCHydro and the lake is a source of water for a BCHydro generating plant. Just near the campground is the site of an old town that was flooded when the lake filled after the damming of Bridge River. The campground is very popular as 4x4 types can easily access the dry floor of the lake to have some fun, and make some dust, in the dry silt. However, as we discovered the dry silt might be fun but when wet the stuff makes for getting quickly and thoroughly stuck.

The couple in the VW 4x4 van found us in the campground and ask us for a "tow". But in the end we had to winch them out and in the process almost got bogged ourselves.

We saw a (see photo) bogged and abandoned pickup truck the next morning when leaving the camp.

Dinner was baked vegetables and a rack of lamb.