We hung around the campground this morning enjoying the nice sun and the camps wifi. In Clinton while filling up with fuel we got talking to a local guy who had ridden a motorcycle to Ushuaia, Argentina, you never can tell about people.

Today was the first, and shortest leg, of a two day trip via BC backroads to Williams Lake. At 100 miles it will be the longest stretch of remote dirt road we have undertaken in the ER.

We camped the night at a very small, primitive campground on the shores of Little Big Bar Lake. Dinner was a leg of lamb and baked vegetables cooked in our trusty dutch oven. I guess I prepare elaborate and time consuming meals like this just to give me something to do while in camp.

Late in the afternoon we were joined at the campground by a couple of motorcyclists (or a motorcycle couple ?) and we chatted with them off and on throughout the evening. Their planned route was the same as ours, tomorrow continue to Gang Ranch and then onto Farwell Canyon, and finally Williams Lake.