There was some cloud in the sky this morning and threat of rain (which eventually arrived) as we got onto the road for a pleasant drive through a series of valleys and eventually along an escarpment beside the Fraser River with really spectacular views. Finally the road dropped off the escarpment and down to a steel bridge across the river where to our surprise we met up with the motorcyclists from last nights camp. There after followed a discussion about our proposed route. They thought they had found the correct road but it was rough and boulder covered, so not to their liking.

After parting from the motorcycle couple we eventually found the "boulder covered" section of road/track that they had warned us about. We persisted for a couple of miles and the boulders ceased and we were left with a rough two-track with the occasional mud bog where there was water across the track. The track finally lead to a major forest road and another steep descent to the Fraser River and Farwell Canyon.

From the junction between Highway 20 and the Gang Ranch Road we traveled about an hour west to Bull Canyon Provincial Park for our nights camp. A nice small camp beside a fast flowing glacial stream.