It was raining this morning, and the road was now muddy, as we traveled North along Deadman Valley to Vidette Resort. We just wanted to get as far up the valley as we could to see if we could unravel some of yesterdays navigation confusion.

The Deadman-Vidette Road eventually picked up Highway 1 just west of Savona and we traveled this east for a little while before once again heading off into the back-blocks, this time towards Tunkwa Provincial Park.

We chose Leighton Lake CG, one of the three campground in Tunkwa Provincial Park, for our nights camp and spent a pleasant afternoon wandering around the lake on a tame walking trail.

Over the past few days we have noticed that, at higher altitudes, the leaves on the Aspens are beginning to yellow. I guess the last throws of summer are upon us and soon we will have crisp mornings.