Just a short drive today to a resort town called Summerland situated on the western side of Lake Okanagan. This is a really popular vacation and retirement place. The campground we stayed seemed to be fully occupied by "permanents" and advertised itself as "affordable lakeside living". The travelers like us that wanted a nights camping got relegated to the "grass area" without facilities.

The area near the campground is undergoing significant "gentrification" with traditional lakeside "cabins" being turned into large expensive houses.

Along our route today we saw a couple of interesting small lakes. The first (Spotted Lakes) is notable for the white saline crust on the surface and the large circular holes in the crust. We have not seen a good explanation of why the holes form but it certainly was unusual. The second was Mahoney Lake. At first glance this just seems like a typical small mountain lake but on closer inspection (and after reading the information plaque beside the lake) one notices the salt deposits at the waters edge, and a taste test confirms that it is in fact slightly salty. The information board describes the lakes most unusual feature as being a layer of purple algae that forms at a depth of 8 meters. But we could not see that from the shore.