After saying our goodbyes this morning we made our way through surprisingly thick traffic into downtown Kelowna to do some shopping and then north towards Vernon before turning onto Highway 6. A little bit past Lumby we turned off the highway and headed towards Sugar Lake Recreation Area wondering whether we would be able to find a camping spot. It was, after all, the labor day weekend in a sense the last weekend of summer.

At the first camping site along Sugar Lake we were advised by the warden to travel another 16km to a "much nicer" campground on the eastern side of the lake. Which we did, and the warden was correct. Beautiful lake, sandy beach, a number of vacant sites, and most campers were tenting or in small RVs.

The warden at the first campsite gave us a document with directions to, and a map of, the second campsite which proved to be a little confusing to us "foreigners". The directions advised as that at the 16km post, just before the campsite entrance, we would find a "cut block". We puzzled for a while wondering what a "cut block" was. Maybe it was a large block of stone (we did see one of those near the mentioned spot). In any case we eventually worked out that the "cut block" was a reference to an area of forest that had been cleared of timber.