A few photos this morning of last nights camping spot and the nearby bridge with a small hole in the deck and then back on to Highway 6 toward the resort town of Fernie. Along the way we stopped to look at Th Biggest Truck in the World in the mining town of Sparwood, though from what I can see on google the Belaz 75710 (built in Belarussia) with a payload of 496 tons is a more likely candidate for the title.

Finally at Crowsnest Pass we turned North onto forest road 940 also known as the Forest Trunk Road. This took us past a series of Alberta Provisional Recreation Areas as well as lots of fine wild camping spots. We were surprised to see many of those wild spots already occupied by travel trailers or 5-th wheels but no people. We concluded that what we were seeing were hunters staking out their camping place for the up coming hunting season.

Eventually we picked one of these wild spots for ourselves, a nice grassy patch on a small escapement overlooking a river. We discovered that previous campers had built a pit toilet, walled with a green tarp but with a real (though old) toilet seat.