This morning was bright, clear and cool, and we started the day with a short hike along a trail from the campground. The fall colors are really in evidence now. After our exercise we headed towards Calgary with the goal of shopping for a new camera for Nina before spending the night with Yvonne and Gary, some of Nina' Canadian family.

The camera exercise while ultimately successful, proved to be a bit frustrating as we twice spent time in a store examining a candidate in detail before finally being told that they did not have any in stock and could not sell us the demo model. For the interested we have made a big change away from our traditional Canon Powershot SX style. Nina now owns a Lumix FZ300.

After the shopping exercise we made it to Yvonne's place and spent a pleasant evening catching up in the doings of the various family members, and eating way too much of Gary's delicious Greek Ribs. We also got to meet two of the newer members of the family (at least new to us) Sloan (nearly 4 years) and Sayer (7 months), these are the children of Nya (Y&G's daughter) and her husband Chris. We enjoyed meeting these delightful, good looking and obviously inquisitive children.